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Anastasia Bitkova was born in Soviet Union. She grew up and received formal education in United Kingdom, specializing first in Law and Politics (Bellerby’s College, London) and then in Marketing (London School of International Business Studies). During her early life she won a number of awards for innovative projects in Psychology.

In 2012 she moved to Guatemala to join her family. Together with her mother Irina Bitkova she realized a number of cinematographic projects including reality show Anastasia’s New World. On January 15, 2015 the Bitkov family was arrested and imprisoned on orders of Kremlin. Anastasia’s parents suffered political persecution from Russian Government from 2008 for refusing to become a part of Putin’s corrupt regime. In Guatemala Kremlin found an unlikely ally – International Commission Against Impunity known as CICIG. In 2018 the Bitkovs were harshly sentenced. Igor Bitkov to 19 years of prison, Irina Bitkova and Anastasia Bitkova to 14 years of prison each. Human rights abuses of their case became notorious around the world and came to attention of US Senate and Helsinki Commission who both held audiences about the Bitkov case. As a result CICIG’s funds were frozen by US and Bitkov family was freed from prison. The family is now under house arrest in Guatemala and their trials continue up to this date.

Anastasia is political blogger writing articles together with her father Igor Bitkov

In past she was actress and model present in social networks. Her fan page has 900’000 followers

Bitkov family maintains a separate page where they explain the details of political persecution against them

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