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Thelma Aldana – wolf in sheep’s clothing

A few days ago we came across some very interesting documents concerning ex attorney general of Guatemala Thelma Aldana and Jose Carlos Marroquin Perez who resides in United States now.

These are contracts of “Professional Services” between Public Ministry of Guatemala and Jose Carlos Marroquin Perez. At the beginning it looks like any other contract but after analyzing political context one sees the strangeness of the situation. Jose Marroquin is not an expert on legal matters and he lives in United States so why would he give consultations which cost over 1 million Quetzales to Public Ministry?

To be able to pay that amount Public Ministry received a credit from BID Bank (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo) which the Ministry then had to repay with percents.

So what type of special consultations was Jose Marroquin giving?

That we can find out from his monthly reports. In those brief documents we can see that Jose Marroquin who lives in United States is basically doing lobbying there. He looks for meetings with politicians of US in order to improve personal image of Thelma Aldana and to neutralize any negative opinions against her.


Numerous reports like the one above have section “results”. In one report it states the following: “Congressmen Iliana Ros Lethien and Albio Sires will pay a visit to Guatemala to show their support to Attorney General (Thelma Aldana), to Commissioner of CICIG (Ivan Velasquez) and to Minister of Governance. In the planning stage of their visit it was made clear that Attorney General is the most important part of their agenda and her previous meetings will be rescheduled so that she can assist. During their visit its also of the most importance to tell President Jimmy Morales of the necessity to continue supporting heads of these institutions who lead the fight against corruption and impunity”. Another such “result” states: “We managed to neutralize negative feelings from political figures in Washington DC, although they are still expecting to see how this case develops”.

Most “results” describe how Jose Marroquin meets with different politicians and public officials of US to promote positive image of Thelma Aldana. Sensitive subjects include cases where Public Ministry and CICIG caused grave violations of human rights like case of Pavel Centeno or Orlando Lopez. Another “sensitive” case is the one against family of Jimmy Morales where the goal of Jose Marroquin was to make Thelma Aldana look good.

Let’s see results in the case of Pavel Centeno: “Case of ex minister Pavel Centeno generated worries in various circles – information that goes against Public Ministry. It was a proceeding where ex minister ended up dead after attacking a prosecutor and agent of civil police force…”

It’s shocking how Jose Marroquin promotes a false version that ex minister died “after attacking a prosecutor” while in reality he was shot during his arrest without evidence that he used any force against police or prosecutors.

Other subjects that provoke curiosity are the ones related to meetings with representatives of private sector where the only “result” states that: “We discussed specific subjects that were reported to General Prosecutor directly because of their sensitive nature”.

Igor: In that moment I remembered how various businessmen, who were imprisoned with me, told me that there was a possibility of a financial agreement in exchange for their freedom and that it involved Jose Marroquin.

Then there is subject of looking for support from Guatemalan immigrants living in US and that’s where the future presidential elections were discussed.

Here Marroquin says: “the community of immigrants for the first time will be taking a defining role in the next presidential elections”. As we know Thelma Aldana tried to participate in the presidential elections even after being declared a fugitive in Guatemala. We can only suspect why Jose Marroquin was so sure that the immigrants community will be in favor of Thelma Aldana.

The most repeating subject of Marroquin’s reports is the subject of support from politicians and public officials of United States. Here we can see the same list of names appearing over and over again: Norma Torres, Eliot Engel, Iliana Rose, Albio Sires, Patric Leahy.

We wonder if US senators knew that Marroquin was paid from public funds to maintain a positive image of Thelma Aldana in front of them?

As you can see the reports were quite short and all centered around the opinion of US Politicians about Thelma Aldana personally. Jose Marroquin was receiving $8’000.00 monthly from public funds to make Ms Aldana look like a fighter against corruption. The hypocrisy of it is astounding.

During the last 140 days of service of Thelma Aldana a special price was established and Jose Marroquin received $34’136 but didn’t do any more lobbying. Instead he produced a document called: “Report on good practices developed in Public Ministry of Guatemala” which consists of 10 pages of statistics taken directly from internal files of Public Ministry. Despite the statistics being mostly negative Marroquin writes in conclusions that Thelma Aldana has achieved a great deal. $34’244 for which Public Ministry had to enter in debt seems like a slight overestimation of Marroquin’s work.

We can conclude that there are a few crimes here: abuse of power, illicit association and corruption. Thelma Aldana and Jose Marroquin used public funds to distribute false information among politicians of United States in order to improve personal image of Ms Aldana.

Marroquin is son of Clemente Marroquin – owner of Guatemalan newspaper “La Hora” which blindly supports Thelma Aldana, Ivan Velasquez and loyal to them judges such as Erika Aifan. Both Clemente and Jose Marroquin were forming part of political campaign of Thelma Aldana when she tried running for presidency. The son was the chief of the campaign and the father run for vice-presidency. This explains why “La Hora” had no credibility when talking about Aldana and her friends.

Today Thelma Aldana is notorious for her violations of human rights and a declared fugitive from Guatemalan justice.

She committed numerous violations in case against our family (Bitkov Case). But most disgusting of all were her crimes committed in case of deceased Dr. Jesus Oliva who died in prison. He was absolved only after his death. In his case Thelma Aldana abused preventive prison and committed torture. Despite never being diagnosed with any mental illnesses Dr Jesus Oliva was sent to a public psychiatric hospital where he was put on strong medication, he then was abruptly taken out of “therapy” and returned to prison. The rapid change in the use of psychiatric medicine led him to suicide. There was no evidence against him but Thelma Aldana and Ivan Velasquez publicly declared him criminal and kept him in prison for 3 years. He was a close friend of our family.

After seeing such injustice one is especially impacted by information that Thelma Aldana paid with public funds to better her image in United States. Jose Marroquin was also paid for his travel expenses around the world. At this moment we don’t know the exact number yet but it is definitely above 1 million Quetzales.

When finishing this article we came across another document which confirms that not only Thelma Aldana used this fraudulent scheme but also Francisco Rivas who paid for the same type of “consultancy” to Edgar Manuel Villanueva – a friend of Jose Marroquin.

It’s sad when those who were meant to fight corruption are the first ones in committing it. The analogy that comes to mind is wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

Thelma Aldana also covered up a powerful crime ring of human traffickers. You can read about it here with all the evidence included.

Cover Up of Human Traffickers

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