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Russian authorities are connected to Guatemalan mafia through Lapin – Levine

This story is probably one of the most mysterious and incredible out of those that surround Migration Case. It all began in August of 2018 when Guatemalan TV channel Noti7 broadcasted a number of interviews with lawyer Edgar Bucaro who was testifying about mafia that runs passports business in Guatemala. That mafia issues authentic Guatemalan documents in anomalous way to foreigners, often with identity chang.

Edgar Rene Bucaro Nowel was a lawyer of Kenneth Biderman – one of the heads of this criminal organization. Edgar knew well partners of Biderman – Marcos Cutino and Victor Lapin.

Marcos Cutino – Cutino International –

Kenneth Biderman – Cutino International

Víctor Lapin – Cutino International

These North-American run an organization based in Guatemala which was presented as a law firm which assists foreigners with immigration tramits. They helped foreigners receive authentic Guatemalan documents passing them through all the normal stages of the process in all the appropriate governmental institutions. Everything was apparently legal for two things: the documents were received much faster than usual (instead of waiting for 2 years you received them in 2 weeks) and there was an option of identity change where all your personal data would be different: you place of birth, your date of birth and of course your name. This “law firm” used web-site called Cutino International. 

Edgar Bucaro testified that Biderman and Cutino brought our family (Bitkov family) to Guatemala amongst many other foreigners.

Mr Bucaro also mentions a supposedly Russian citizen Victor Lapin who was working together with Biderman from Guatemala until Biderman left for Israel and Lapin continued with the business alone. Victor Lapin had another web-page similar to the one you just saw, this one was called and worked on the same principles as Cutino and Biderman did. Edgar Bucaro also testifies about his trip to Russia which was organized by Victor Lapin in order to establish a new route for this mafia and bring in more clients from Russia. The trip was realized in July of 2013.

In Russia Bucaro was lavishly received by Russian authorities. He was met straight at the airport, accommodated in a 5 star hotel and generally received a VIP treatment. There he had a meeting with army general called Boris who presented himself as a member of Russian intelligence service. Boris wanted many Guatemalan passports with identity changes for his Russian colleagues but without them travelling to Guatemala. He also raised other subjects: if he could launder $ 3 billion through Guatemalan banks and if Cutino mafia was interested in establishing a drug trafficking route with Russia. Interestingly Victor Lapin, who supposedly was Russian, didn´t speak Russian language and used the same English translator as Edgar Bucaro did.

Soon after that trip Victor Lapin moved to Guatemala and began working directly with the heads of Cutino mafia as their partner. Once Biderman abandoned Guatemala, Lapin became the leader of this mafia. It seems that the business went well for them, through only one of their accounts of company called Intercap was passing around $ 1 million a month according to the testimony of the accountant. Let´s remember that in the same time period in 2013 the famous Migration Case began in Guatemala which supposedly was meant to disband the passport mafia but instead used innocent people as scapegoats and helped Kremlin to persecute our family. In Migration Case not a single high level public official that really participated in the mafia was investigated, nor any other member of Cutino-Biderman mafia. Irina Bitkova presented denouncement against that mafia in May of 2016 and it was never investigated. We ourselves had to do our own analysis of how this mafia investigated with the help of their ex-members who were willing to testify and with the help of those prosecutors who originally tried to investigate it but were immediately dismissed. It turned out that Mayra Veliz, CICIG and FECI as well as various judges and prosecutors were covering up this powerful criminal structure.

Cover Up of Human Traffickers


In April of 2018 Edgar Bucaro received a call from Manfredo Marroquin – president of non-profit-organization “Accion Ciudadana” who asked Mr Bucaro to come to a meeting in his own located on Avenida Reforma. When Mr Bucaro arrived he found there an agent of CICIG who didn´t introduce himself but his accent was from some other Latin American country. Edgar Bucaro was asked to file an accusation against the President of Congres Alvaro Arzu for supposed violations of constitution. Bucaro declined, he then was taken to CICIG´s office in zone 14. In that meeting was the same agent of CICIG, Marroquin and another lawyer from “Accion Ciudadana” with surname Cux. Between themselves they spoke of various high ranking governmental officials, narcotraffic and other seriously delicate subjects. Edgar Bucaro felt highly uncomfortable to say the least. Then Marroquin turned to Bucaro and said that they know everything about his work for Kenneth Biderman, about this passport mafia, its structure and way of operating. Afterwards he asked Bucaro once again to file an accusation against Alvaro Arzu; this time Bucaro agreed. CICIG knew how to bend people.

A few weeks later Edgar Bucaro denounced the mafia of Cutino, Biderman and Lapin knowing whole well the risk that it represented to his own life. This mafia was already denounced by our family in Migration Case which was led by FECI so logically the denouncement had to go through FECI but instead it inexplicably ended up in department of human rights. Edgar Bucaro also testified on TV Channel Noti7 in August of 2018. Soon afterwards he received a call from Victor Lapin who was still at the head of the mafia. Lapin tried to find out what information Bucaro gave to Public Ministry and threatened to kill him if Bucaro will testify against him. Few days later Victor Lapin tried to leave Guatemala in a private plane but was detained for carrying an inappropriately large sum of money in cash without declaring it. He was accused of money laundering and his case was kept in department of money laundering. This is absolutely ridiculous since he was denounced for much more dangerous crimes including being one of the heads of a crime ring.

Pasaporte ruso de Victor Lapin

Russian passport of Victor Lapin

Among belongings of Victor Lapin were found his Guatemalan identification documents, namely DPI and passport on the name of Santiago Galindo, it stated that he was supposedly born in Guatemala. In his bank account were found $ 2 million without any explanation of how he could possibly earn them. Lapin was imprisoned in Mariscal Zavala where he remained for 5 months. Russian Ambassador, who didn´t visit me once in 3 years of my imprisonment, was visiting Victor Lapin regularly worrying about his human rights. In January of 2019 mysteriously Victor Lapin received house arrest. A few days later he disappeared.

Now let´s go into details. Victor Lapin who had both Russian and Guatemalan documents didn´t actually speak nor Russian, nor Spanish. In court he was assigned Russian translator at first but after the translator confirmed that he doesn´t speak Russian he was assigned English translator.

Igor: When I visited my friends in Mariscal Zavala, Victor Lapin avoided me the best he could. I doubt he would behave like this if he really would have been Russian. The mystery was resolved when I found in Internet that this supposed Victor Lapin is in fact a Canadian citizen called Randy Craig Levine, he committed various crimes in US and was escaping justice of that country from 2009. How I found this? Let me show you: I found a page where it was mentioned that Victor Lapin is investigated in Georgia and in US for fraud and money laundering.

Victor Lapin - Randy Craig Levine

Victor Lapin – Randy Craig Levine

In the archives I found information that Randy Craig Levine has 3 penal sentences and 10 open legal processes in US.

Victor Lapin

Randy Craig Levine – Victor Lapin

It states that his first sentence was for drug trafficking in 1991.

Victor Lapin 1 sentencia

Randu Craig Levine – Victor Lapin : 1 sentencia

How I established that Victor Lapin and Randi Craig Levine are the same person? Through his wife. She didn´t change names as he did and in both archives we can see her listed amongst relatives. Her name is Ewa Elzbieta Frankiewicz, she is of Polish nationality.

Los familiares de Randy Craig Levine

Relatives of Randy Craig Levine

Wife of Victor Lapin who lived with him in Guatemala and who constantly visited him in prison is the same Polish lady Ewa Elzbieta Frankiewicz .

Eva , esposa de Lapin

Eva , wife of Levine – Lapin

Eva also visited Russia and has Russian visa in her passport.

Visa rusa de Eva

Russian visa of Eva

Victor Lapin was telling an incredible story to his cell mates: his difunted father was a general of KGB and his mother was from Canada, that´s why he was born in Canada. According to the story he prefered to live in Russia. This story has nothing in common with reality. Any KGB general would have been killed for having a child with a Canadian citizen. But in Guatemala this story was believed and Russian Ambassador confirmed that his Russian passport is authentic. The real father of Randy Craig Levine or Victor Lapin is Ralph Benjamin Levine of 78 years old and lived in US.

We also found a document on WikiLeaks that states that Levine received Polish citizenship, possibly because of his Polish wife. Thanks to this he avoided extradition to US in 2009.

Wiki Leaks , Randy Craig Levine

Wiki Leaks , Randy Craig Levine

These documents prove that US was asking for extradition of Randy Craig Levine from Poland but back then he managed to avoid it.

We still don´t know how exactly Levine managed to obtain authentic Russian passport under the name of Victor Lapin. The passport was issued in Grozni city which is the capital of Chechnya. No Russian dares go there without the protection of FSB (former KGB). It seems that FSB helped him to obtain that passport. The fact is Levine-Lapin worked for Russian authorities. We have a number of indicators to prove that.

  • The first one is the testimony of Edgar Bucaro who said that it was Lapin who organized the meeting between him and army general Boris who confirmed to be working for intelligence service and asked for Guatemalan passports with identity change for his Russian colleagues as well as for money laundering services and to establish a new drug trafficking route.
  • The second indicator is that Russia Ambassador was visiting Lapin in prison accompanied by English translator. That´s impossible for a common citizen. In 3 years that I spent in prison Russian Ambassador didn´t visit me even once. Then this Ambassador despite knowing that Lapin doesn´t even speak Russian confirms in court authenticity of his Russian passport.
  • The third one is the visit of Russian delegation to Guatemala. In the end of January 2019 various high ranking governmental officials came to Guatemala with only one purpose: to meet with representatives of Judicial Body and Public Ministry. At first we though that it was about persecution of our family but coincidentally a few days after that visit Lapin – Levine received house arrest. Few days afterwards he disappeared. It was hardly any trouble for him to obtain a document with new identity, after all that was his business. Despite his disappearance no one in Guatemala sounded an alarm, nor Public Ministry, nor the judge who gave him house arrest – everyone seemed to forget about it right away.

Igor: No further investigation followed. I spoke to prosecutor of department of money laundering and he replied that it was not his job to investigate criminal organizations of human traffickers of of anomalous document emission. Probably he was right, that should have been investigated by FECI.

Analyzing what happened

Thanks to testimony of lawyer Edgar Bucaro, was captured the leader of the crime ring – Randy Craig Levine who had on him Russian passport with the name Victor Lapin and Guatemalan passport with the name Santiago Galindo. In his bank account were found around $ 2 million as well as transaction of large scale without any legitimate explanation. In all this time nor FECI, nor CICIG showed the slightest interest in the case. Let´s remember how much effort they put in prosecuting and torturing my family for lesser accusations while prohibiting us from talking about this crime ring. Ivan Velasquez personally asked FECI to prosecute our family.

Carta de Velazques a Thelma Aldana

Letter from Ivan Velazquez to Thelma Aldana where he asks to transfer case against our family to FECI.

For some reason nor CICIG, nor FECI never investigated Cutino, Biderman, Victor Lapin or Mayra Veliz despite the fact that numerous accusations were filed against them since 2010 for running a human trafficking ring. At the same time they covered up all the public officials that participated in the issuing of our documents including ex-secretary of Public Ministry – Mayra Yojana Veliz Lopez. In December of 2018 during the debates against Igor Bitkov representatives of CICIG and FECI insisted that Cutino crime ring should not be investigated. All this leads us to a conclusion that Ivan Velasquez, Thelma Aldana and Juan Francisco Sandoval covered up this crime ring.

Here is another important detail

In October of 2018 lawyer Edgar Bucaro was cited by chief of FECI – Juan Francisco Sandoval – to testify. So Sandoval knew that pretence Russian Victor Lapin was in fact leader of human trafficking crime ring; that he worked together with Kenneth Biderman and Marcos Cutino and that the ring cooperated with Russians. However, Sandoval chose not to investigate this case which can lead us to only one conclusion: FECI covered up this crime ring whose members included governmental officials.

The fact that the crime ring of Cutino-Biderman-Levine worked together with Russian authorities and was covered up by CICIG and FECI is yet another evidence of the collusion between CICIG and Kremlin when they persecuted our family.

People involved in cover up of this crime ring and in persecution of our family are the same: Juan Francisco Sandoval, Ivan Velasquez, Mayra Yojana Veliz Lopez and Thelma Aldana. We have copies of many permanent residents issued to Russian businessmen and public officials illegally and signed by Mayra Veliz. Chief of FECI Juan Francisco Sandoval refuses to investigate these crimes and CICIG never showed a slightest interest. Another surprising fact is that those newspapers that so ardently supported CICIG in our prosecution, didn’t so much as mention the escape of Lapin – Levine. It’s as if a real millions dollars fraud, real fake documents with multiple identities and real criminals didn’t interest them while a family of immigrants who was victim of Lapin’s mafia did. Would it be the same if Kremlin wasn’t behind our persecution? We really much doubt so.

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